Green Street Green Baptist Church is a warm friendly church with lively worship and good Biblical teaching. We seek to love and serve God and to know Him as Father, to trust Jesus as Saviour and to live in the power of the Holy Spirit. We are outward looking and our desire is to take the good news of Jesus Christ, out on to the streets and to make a difference in our community. 

The church was formed as an Independent Fellowship in 1899 and the main church was built in 1907 but we are in the process of modernising it, so that it is relevant to the twenty first century, without losing any of its inside attraction, as an old church.

There is something for everyone. The church is mainly run by committed volunteers but, as well as the pastor, we have three part time staff; an Administrator, a Youth Leader and a Children and Families worker. We also have our Girls' Brigade Captain, a worker with Senior Citizens, a couple who run Messy Church and a Mission Support person who keeps us in touch with those that we support financially and in prayer, at home and abroad. Then there are others responsible for contact with the wider church, keeping us up to date with issues of social concern, using good resources and getting work done. Where would the church be without the volunteers?



As a church of ordinary Bible believing people, we want to be God centred, to follow Jesus, to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to touch our local community by preaching and living God's word with boldness and seeing lives changed by the power of God.

Structure - Our structure serves our vision!

We are a Baptist Church which means that we are fully independent and self-governing, and have charitable status. Overall responsibility for the running of the church rests with the Charity Trustees, who consist of the Secretary, Treasurer, and four other members, all of whom are elected by the Church Members Meeting, plus the Minister, who serves by virtue of his role. The Trustees have oversight and responsibility for every aspect of church life, but delegate the day to day running of the church to various teams.


We Believe

  • ‍That the Bible is the true word of God.
  • That God, created the world, by His word.
  • That Jesus Christ, His only Son, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary.
  • That Jesus died on the cross to pay the price for our sin.
  • That He came back to life on the third day, thereby giving eternal life to all those who trust in Him.
  • That God loves this world and has called us, as His people to preach the Good News, by our words and by our lives, and to baptise those who repent from sin and put their lives into His hands.
  • That the Holy Spirit fills believers with His Presence.

What is a Christian?

A Christian is someone who has accepted that Jesus died for them, has made a decision to follow Him; has put their life into His hands and seeks to live their life in a way that would please Him.

Announcement Board

Sunday Services

We are currently meeting for Sunday Services at 10.30am via Zoom.

If you would like to join the service please email the church office (church.office@gsgbaptist.org.uk) for details.

For Zoom meeting rules click here

Contact our Safeguarding Team if you have a concern or issues click here

Special Notice

Would all visitors to the church please note that from the end of April 2019, works to 'transform' access to the church will start.

Whilst these works are ongoing please be vigilant at the front of the church and note any temporary pedestrian diversions.

Currently access to the church is through the side door which can be accessed from the path on the left hand side of the hoarding.

Architectural Planning of new site design

Leadership Update

19th March 2020

 Dear church family at the Green,

Having closed down most of our weekly activities, we had hoped to keep on meeting on Sundays in the usual way, but in light of the government’s most recent request and out of obedience to the Scriptures that call Christians to submit to our God-given governing authorities (Romans 13:1-5, 1 Peter 2:13 & Titus 3:1), Sunday services as we know it will be suspended too.


This is a challenging time, but we know that in challenging times God always makes a way for His people and His goodness to come through. This is an opportunity for the church to seek inspiration for new and renewed ways of encouraging one another and sharing our faith.


·        The Green already has a very good pastoral network, however a list of those who are in most need of support has been made up and will be contacted regularly.

·        Our weekly sheet will be sent out each Tuesday via email or hand delivered where necessary.

·        Any more urgent updates will be shared as and when via the website and social media.

·        A good deal of our current ‘chats’ of prayer and encouragement have been on our two WhatsApp groups: ‘GSG Prayer’ and ‘Keep Praising’ (which was set up for 40 days of prayer concerning the coronavirus). Please ask the Pastor if you’d like to join.

·        As well as our services live streamed, a readable copy of the sermon will be delivered to those who do not have internet access along with their weekly sheet (now there’s something new and positive that has come out of this!)

·        House groups and small groups, if they do decide to meet should ordinarily be conducted via skype or zoom – unless the premises allow for safe social distancing.


Lets remember that as we stay at home and shut the door on the virus, that Jesus told us to get on our own and shut the door....... so that we could pray to the Father! (Matthew 6:6)

 Green Street Green Baptist Leadership Team

Special notice regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please note that all weekly activities at the church have been cancelled except for the UCB Prayerline.

New Courses Starting soon

Intermediate Evangelism Course:

Weekly on Sundays starting on April 11th at 8.00pm

Repeated on Tuesdays starting on April 13th at 10.00am

Alpha Course:

Weekly on Mondays starting on Monday April 12th at 8.00pm

Repeated on Wednesdays starting on Wednesday 14th at 10.00am

Please speak to David Wood or Becky Brown for online access codes.


New railings at the front of church

New railings at the front of church

Easter Safari garden artwork

Easter Safari garden artwork

Easter Safari garden artwork

Easter Safari garden artwork

Easter Safari garden artwork

Easter Safari garden artwork

Easter Safari garden artwork

Easter Safari garden artwork

Easter Safari garden artwork

Easter Safari garden artwork

Easter Safari garden artwork

Easter Safari garden artwork

Easter Safari garden artwork

Easter Safari garden artwork

Tea rooms. Get to know each other over a cuppa. All welcome.

Tea rooms. Get to know each other over a cuppa. All welcome.