Mission Support

We are pleased to give financial support to various Christian organisations: Baptist Home Mission, Baptist Missionary Society, Bromley Borough Foodbank, Footsteps International, Nsumbi Trust, Open Doors, SAT 7, Smile International, The Bible Society, Spinnaker, Missionary Aviation Fellowship, Computers for Charities, Tear Fund and Medecins sans Frontieres.

We also support 3 Christian workers: Lindsay Hamon, Talitha Korner and Bob and Nancy Hitching.


Some missions we support:

Baptist Home Mission: Financial help for struggling churches.


Baptist Missionary Society: helps support those who are working overseas.  Harland and Gill Rivas are our assigned family, working in South America.

Bible Society: Working to translate and provide Bibles around the world.


FOOTSTEPS International: Donations from Fare share (see church life) are, at present, going to help build a house for a disabled man and his family in Kenya


Lindsay Hamon has carried a cross through some very hostile places.  He loves God  with a passion and will share Jesus with anyone, from the captive audience on the London Underground to the person on the checkout in the supermarket. “The ability to share Jesus is 'caught not taught'” (John Pressdee) and lives are changed.


Bob & Nancy Hitching work with the Byash gypsies in some of the most forgotten areas of Europe.  Nancy has pioneered writing and teaching the first Byash alphabet, which is making reading possible for many


Talitha Korner teaches discipleship at Bible Schools in Africa. She always encourages us, when she comes to visit.


MAF: Missionary Aviation Fellowship have planes lifting off almost round the clock, somewhere in the world.  Taking aid or ferrying sick people are just two of the things on their agenda.

MSF: Medecins sans Frontieres supply emergency aid to those affected by armed conflict, epidemic and natural or man-made disasters

Nsumbi Trust.  In the past we have sent out teams to help pastor Stephen Jotta who runs an orphanage in Uganda – children who have one change of clothes, a bed and a small box with their treasures – but they are happy, educated and well cared for.

Open Doors: supporting the persecuted church.


SAT 7 are seeing many people respond to their broadcasts into parts of the Middle East where churches cannot exist. Their broadcasts then support them spiritually.


Simon Rookesby (Computers for Charities) takes aid, where it is needed.  He will recycle old computers for charities and take shoes boxes to Eastern Europe at Christmas, plus a lot more.


SMILE International works in Europe and Africa with aid, education and church planting.


Spinnaker Trust: Supports primary schools in the delivery of Christian collective worship and religious education.


Street Pastors go out into the town on a Friday night, to connect with young people coming out of pubs and clubs.

Tearfund: can be found wherever there is need.  One of their best projects is to go into villages, all over the world, where people are in real need and help them, not just  to find ways of growing food by building dams etc. but teaching them how maintain what they build. (Use quote, “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day – teach him to fish and you feed him for life!) They also work with other relief organisations in disaster situations.


We also have links with Christians against Poverty (CAP) which has only recently been set up in Bromley.

Supporting, educating, taking aid, encouraging – 'We can't go, but we can help  and support those who can!'