Ministry Team

Led by Rev. David Wood

The Ministry Team meet regularly to discuss current issues and pastoral matters, to pray, to be envisioned and to hear God's heart for our church.

Simon Swift

Simon Swift

Simon has just finished a DNA leadership training programme. He found Jesus after seeing a man with a cross walking past his house a few years ago. Simon, and his wife Jeanette, love Jesus and seek to share their love for Him with anyone they meet.

 Fadz Musanhu

Fadz Musanhu

Fadz is a passionate minister of the gospel and is driven by seeing God's word at work in the lives of believers. She is a Zimbabwean national and is married to Ed, and together they lead one of our Home Groups.

Chris Howard

Chris Howard

Working in local government and married to teacher Wendy, Chris is an anointed and prophetic worship leader. Chris and Wendy lead one of our housegroups.

Maynard Newman

Maynard Newman

Maynard who comes from the USA and is married to Joan. They are both pharmacists and are very pastoral caring people, who have an almost permanently open home and lead one of our housegroups.

Mike Ruffhead

Mike Ruffhead

As well as everything else that he does,  Mike has an anointing to lead in our services. Mike is married to our pianist Val.

Johann Viljoen

Johann Viljoen

Married to Cindy, Johann hails from South Africa. He is a physics teacher at a secondary school and is part of our worship group as a trumpet player. He loves sport, especially  rugby and cricket and in his spare time he likes playing tennis and golf. 

Worship Team

Led by Chris Howard

Under the able and sensitive leadership of Chris Howard, our worship group lead us into the presence of God, during our services. With several gifted leaders and musicians, we are privileged to enjoy good strong worship by those who do not seek to entertain us or to promote themselves but to stand back and let the Holy Spirit work. Our main leaders are Chris, Alex, Jude, Val and Alan, who are backed up by a good vocal and instrumental team.

Practical Team

Led by Mike Ruffhead

The team oversee all Administration (Becky Brown), the Audio Visuals team (Simon Brown), Building Programme team (Mike Ruffhead), Catering team (Jeanette Swift and Lisa Bryan), Cleaning team (Bob & Jill Mumford) Finance team (Pat Howes), Gardening team (everyone), Maintenance team (Vic Harvey) and Security (Mike Ruffhead)

Audio Visual Team

Ably run by Simon Brown, who is gradually bringing us into the twenty first century with new tech­­­nology.

Catering Team

Lisa Bryan, Jeanette Swift, Mandy Clement and Bronja Livett. 

Cleaning Team

Bob & Jill Mumford do most of the cleaning with a very small team – volunteers are always welcome.


Run and updated by Phil Simmons.

The Building Projects Team

Led by Mike Ruffhead

Vic Harvey, Mike Ruffhead and Bob Mumford are often to be found at the church, painting, decorating or generally fixing things!

Events Team

Led by David Wood

The team organise Christmas, Easter, the Summer Programme and any other special events.

Music for special occasions: Alan Howes and Val Ruffhead

Decorations: Becky Brown, Val Ruffhead

Prayer Room Team

UCB Prayer line. We have a room which is used as a telephone answering service. Anyone wanting prayer can phone in and there will be someone there to talk to.

There is usually an interactive prayer room organised in the week leading up to Pentecost.

Gardening Team

The front and surround of the church is the responsibility of everyone.